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    Cory Jaeger Billings, MT, USA
    Painting -- Feminine (Surrealism)


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    Art stripped bare, discovering the private rooms of a woman's mind.

    In addition to Painting Feminine Surrealism artwork, Cory Jaeger also works in the following:
    Media: Color
    Styles: Misc.

Cory Jaeger Statement

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      I paint symbolically what I am going through in day to day life, examining the world as a single mother, where dreams sometimes get lost among the dirty dishes. I am interested in what women really think, and I find that they still make far too many compromises in this so-called "liberated" society.

      I believe strongly in the social relevance of art and its ability to change lives. Towards this end, I have worked as an instructor, conducting motivational courses for adult artists and art classes for children of all ages. In 2002, I opened an art relations and resume service, Italics Business Communications, as a means to simultanteously assist other artists and also further my own creative goals. My work has been seen throughout the Northwest and I am represented by two Montana galleries.

    Cory Jaeger Contact Information

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      Cory Jaeger

      427 Lordwith Drive, #2
      Billings, Mt, US 59102

      Home Phone: (406) 254-0903
      Work Phone: same


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    Created on: 09/01/2003
    Updated on: 07/20/2009

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    Cory Jaeger | Painting | International Artist Directory
    The Artists' Window Online unveils Billings, Montana artist, Cory Jaeger, featuring feminine, surrealism painting.

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