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    Henry Johnson Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA
    Painting -- Mixed (Realism)


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    In addition to Painting Mixed Realism artwork, Henry Johnson also works in the following:
    Styles: Misc.

Henry Johnson Statement

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      The bestowed artistic talents of Henry J are equally admired, and reflect his depth of compassion that emanates through the expressions of his work. A unique, self taught visual artist, Henry J's paintings possess a refined, aesthetic splendor encompassing a wide range of subjects and material application.

      Henry's creative work exudes a genius flare for depicting realism in any form. His renderings exhibit his love of nature varying from his brilliantly, vivid wildlife portraits, to murals of colorful underwater seascapes and tropical landscapes inspired by his South Floridian environment.

      Henry J's talents abound, are diversifyingly unlimited. He harbors a keen insight for interior design and composition while maintaining respect and flexibility in the interest of his clients. Henry J has mastered exquisite designs from multifarious requests ranging from bright, whimsical children's room decor, to angelic rooms painted with ethereal themes presenting a soft gossamer touch and mythological flare.

      His gift of representational realism is also awe-inspiring through the portrayal of assorted faux finishes, finely captivating the true essence of genuine marble, wood and leather surfaces, to name a few, through the magical skill of a paint brush. Henry's artistic eye, enabling him to see below the surface, has the ability to bring character and life to inanimate objects as observed in his fine art paintings. A quality that he especially welcomes through commissioned requests.

      Combined with kindness, wisdom and professionalism, Henry J's artistic versatility, and sophistication of expression and application are merits that represent the true candor of his spirit.

      Henry J has an online portfolio, where you can view a selection of his works, at www.SouthFloridaArtist.com. For a more personal view of the artists? works, Henry can be reached at (954) 777-6418.

    Henry Johnson Contact Information

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    Created on: 11/03/2002
    Updated on: 01/07/2004

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    Henry Johnson | Painting | International Artist Directory
    The Artists' Window Online unveils Ft. Lauderdale, Florida artist, Henry Johnson, featuring mixed, realism painting.

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