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Lacey, Martyn John
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United Kingdom, Nottingham

Pastel > Socio-political > Surrealism

Created 05/19/2000
Updated 03/18/2006

Paintings by Martyn Lacey
M Lacey works from inside out , works on the good , the bad and ugly sides of life.

Lake, Devin
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USA, New Mexico, Albuquerque

Mixed Media > Allegory > Abstract Expressionism

Created 08/06/2003
Updated 01/06/2004

Minimal yet impactful paintings of shape and color abstractions

Lake, Jane
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USA, Nevada, Boulder City

> Realism

Created 12/02/1998
Updated 01/07/2004

Jane Studio
Watercolor and oils by self-taught artist

Lampe, Evan A
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USA, Iowa, Mt. Pleasant

Photography > Allegory > Abstract Expressionism

Created 12/08/1998
Updated 01/07/2004

Lampe: an online portfolio
Contemporary artist working in a variety of mediums.

Lane, Jenny
CLICK for Profile and Link

Ireland, Dublin

Printmaking > Wildlife > ink

Created 09/08/1999
Updated 01/07/2004

Jenny Lane Woodcuts
I've been looking around places recently to put a link to my site and this seems the most organised one.

Langlois, Silvana
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Argentina, Buenos Aires

Acrylic Painting >

Created 10/27/2003
Updated 03/10/2006

Pintura naif
artista argentina dedicada a la pintura naif. Galería de obras.

Larsson, Morgan Se
CLICK for Profile and Link

Sweden, Stockholm

Sculpture > Furniture > Futurism

Created 03/04/2000
Updated 02/01/2004

Sculpture furniture by Morgan SE Larsson
Sculptures from the Creation of the Mind 1992

Latham, Bonnie J
CLICK for Profile and Link

USA, Wyoming, Jackson

Watercolor > Wildlife > Realism

Created 01/20/2004
Updated 01/20/2004

Realistic Wildlife Paintings in Watercolour
Realistic wildlife paintings in watercolour by Bonnie Latham.

Laurent, Jacques
CLICK for Profile and Link

USA, California, Sausalito

Oil Painting > Nature > Abstract Expressionism

Created 05/21/2001
Updated 01/07/2004

Pres de la Terre
Pres de la Terre, reflects the transmutations of nature through weather and seasons; the gradual building and tearing away of layers.

Lautermilch, John R
CLICK for Profile and Link

USA, Missouri, St. Louis

Oil Painting > Mixed > Realism

Created 09/08/2004
Updated 09/08/2004

Original Art by John Lautermilch
Original oil paintings by John Lautermilch

Lavalle, Lisa S.
CLICK for Profile and Link

USA, Michigan, Centreville

Photography >

Created 03/27/2001
Updated 01/07/2004

A Divergent View...
A photojournalistic approach to my photography

Lawson, Pamela
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Canada, Ottawa

Sand Painting > Allegory > Folk Art

Created 06/07/2000
Updated 04/24/2006

Lawson Art
Unique, one-of-a-kind Indian Sandpaintings

Leckenby, Gordon B
CLICK for Profile and Link

USA, Washington, Seattle

Photography > Landscape / Misc. > Representational / Misc.

Created 05/05/1999
Updated 01/07/2004

FarAlong Studio
Images from the Pacific Northwest

Leoni, Nevio
CLICK for Profile and Link

Italia, Portoferraio

Painting > Still Life > Contemporary

Created 12/19/1999
Updated 01/07/2004

La pittura di Nevio Leoni
Paesaggi, figure e particolari dell'Isola d'Elba e della Toscana

Lethom, Lethom
CLICK for Profile and Link

USA, Washington, Seattle

Painting > Fantasy > Folk Art

Created 11/09/2002
Updated 12/20/2010

Lethom Folk Art
folk Art! Childlike, fun, & whimsical. Creative, & Inventive.

Levy-Polis, Jaynee A.
CLICK for Profile and Link

USA, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

Mixed Media > Erotica > Representational

Created 09/27/1999
Updated 01/07/2004

Nudes and Erotica by Jaynee A. Levy-Polis
Sexy, humorous nudes and scenes in realistic style by well-known, award-winning professonal artist, Jaynee Levy-Polis.

Leynes, Ricardo H.
CLICK for Profile and Link

Canada, Scarborough, Ontario

Painting > Allegory > Abstract Expressionism

Created 06/14/1999
Updated 01/07/2004

Abstract Intuitions: Papu Leynes
Contemporary abstract paintings in the expressionist style.

Ligal, Emanuela
CLICK for Profile and Link

italia, padova

Acrylic Painting > Figurative Abstraction > Abstract

Created 10/23/2002
Updated 01/07/2004

gallery of art containing the managers and the intense activities realized from Emanuela Ligal

Lindborg, Susan Elizabeth
CLICK for Profile and Link

USA, California, Redwood City

Oil Painting > Wildlife > Realism

Created 03/06/1999
Updated 01/07/2004

Sea Creatures of the Pacific
Above and Below scenes of Turtles, Dolphins, Whales, Manatees and Orcas in their habitats

Lopes, Marcelo
CLICK for Profile and Link

Brazil, São Paulo

Oil Painting > Allegory > Realism

Created 03/29/2001
Updated 01/07/2004

Paintings by Marcelo Lopes.
Paintings by Brazilian artist Marcelo Lopes. Realistic urban rhemes in oil on canvas.

Lotz, Christine
CLICK for Profile and Link


Acrylic Painting > Landscape > Contemporary

Created 06/17/1999
Updated 01/30/2008

Chrl-Art Internet Galerie
Christine Lotz' paintings. Mainly acrylics. Themes: landscape, still life, abstracts, portraits.

Loughlin, John L.
CLICK for Profile and Link

USA, Rhode Island, Lincoln

Painting > Landscape > Representational

Created 09/27/2000
Updated 01/07/2004

John Loughlin, New England Landscape Artist
New England Landscape Artist

Lu, Jia
CLICK for Profile and Link

USA, California, Los Angeles

Oil Painting > Figure > Realism

Created 08/05/1999
Updated 01/07/2004
Contemporary realist figurative painting

Lucain, Jocelyne
CLICK for Profile and Link

Paris (75), Paris

Painting > Allegory

Created 11/22/2004
Updated 11/22/2004

Art gallery
Art gallery

Luciani, Tony
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Painting > Figure > Representational

Created 06/04/1999
Updated 06/04/2010

Artist Tony Luciani
International artist Tony Luciani displays paintings

Lukshina, Galina
CLICK for Profile and Link

Ukraine, kiev

Drawing > ink > Symbolism

Created 03/17/2001
Updated 01/27/2005

Black on White, White in Black
black on white, white in black

Lyamkin, Alexander
CLICK for Profile and Link

Russia, Moscow

Painting > Fantasy > Surrealism

Created 04/20/2005
Updated 11/11/2006

Surrealism: Original oil painting
Surrealism oil painting, original hand-painted with high-quality materials. Look even better on closer examination.

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