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    Claudio Parentela 1962 Catanzaro, Italy
    Drawing -- Apocalyptic (Contemporary)


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    Contemporary Art with a Freakish&Dark Taste!

    In addition to Drawing Apocalyptic Contemporary artwork, Claudio Parentela also works in the following:
    Media: Ink

Claudio Parentela Statement

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      I draw mostly in black and white using a lot of black indian ink on paper?the reason is that I like strong feelings ,strong contradictions ?and the best contradiction,and the stronger contradiction is the contradiction and the eternal war between the black and the white?
      ?the white sheet of the paper is my mind?or a part of my mind,my mind without thoughts ?.the lines,the strong brushfuls of ink,black?are my thoughts and my feelings?
      I?ve not a simple soul&mind?I?ve various and many souls in my soul ?many minds in my mind?so are my artworks,dark&dreaming,chaotic&anarchic,strong&hallucinated,disturbing,freak,weird,?
      To draw is a way?to know myself??...I don?t know if its so?I draw&I draw all the time because?I like this strange work I?ve created for my many Claudio in myself.

    Claudio Parentela Contact Information

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      Claudio Parentela
      Via F.Crispi 79
      Catanzaro, , Other 88100

      Home Phone: +390961744087
      Work Phone: +390961744087
      Fax: +390961744087


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    Created on: 03/03/2007
    Updated on: 03/03/2007

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    Claudio Parentela | Drawing | International Artist Directory
    The Artists' Window Online unveils Catanzaro, Italy artist, Claudio, featuring apocalyptic, contemporary drawing.

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