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    Cowboy 1958 Los Alamos, NM, USA
    Wood -- Wildlife (Representational)


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    Birds are flowers that fly and they are all beautiful

    In addition to Wood Wildlife Representational artwork, Cowboy also works in the following:
    Media: Painting, Pencil
    Genres: arts & crafts, Landscape, Nature, Western
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Cowboy Statement

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      Art West met Cowboy in Los Alamos in the winter of 2015. He once cowboyed 25K head of cattle in the Caldera. Before they would take off he would pray that for that day all the cattle and all the men would return home safe.

      He said, most people in the world are not as fortunate. To hear the wind whistling through the trees the sound of a horse chomping on the grass.

      He asked God that he be able to talk with one good person today. And he said he met two. Myself, Art West and my wife, Cia Rae Khakarua.

      He said, "Birds are flowers that fly and they are beautiful".

      And we drove him to his modest home on the edge of a cliff overlooking America's most beautiful valley.

      Art West, 1/18/2015

    Cowboy Contact Information

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      Art West Studio

      1043 Cheyenne
      Los Alamos, Nm, US 87544

      Home Phone: (505) 661-0404

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    Created on: 01/17/2015
    Updated on: 01/19/2015

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