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    Sonya Arletta Finley 1969 Escondido, CA, USA
    Oil Painting -- Figurative Abstraction (Expressionism)


Sonya Arletta Finley My Art

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    spiritually inspired figurative paintings.

Sonya Arletta Finley Statement

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      My work is figurative, with mostly female subject matter. It is loosely rendered with highly visible brushstrokes that move through deep rich colors.
      My paintings are a visual reference to me--my emotions, my spirituality, my experiences. They are way of being open and honest--but I believe they also provide the viewer with the opportunity to do the same--a simple moment to connect, relate, and to perhaps take away something positive. A moment that is more than just a "looking" but becomes an experience.

    Sonya Arletta Finley Contact Information

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      Sonya A Finley

      1825 E Valley Pkwy
      Escondido, Ca, US 92027

      Home Phone: 760-703-3074


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    Created on: 07/05/2005
    Updated on: 07/21/2009

    Sonya Arletta Finley | Oil Painting | International Artist Directory
    The Artists' Window Online unveils Escondido, California artist, Sonya Finley, featuring figurative abstraction, expressionism oil painting.

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