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Flamedeus Art of Dorotea Bagaric

    Dorotea - Bagaric 1982--- Nova Gradiska, Croatia
    Painting -- Fantasy (Illustration)


Dorotea - Bagaric My Art

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    Fantasy, Sci-fi landscape, figural illustrations in a range of traditional media and as digital art.

Dorotea - Bagaric Statement

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      My work, strongly rooted in personal emotional, spiritual and aesthetic ideas, seeks to awaken in viewer an inner sensual and mystical side. By combining media such as oil pastels, watercolor, colored pencil, chalk, and pencil, I create imaginary pagan, ritual, mythological scenery, body gestures and atmospheric ambience to provoke feeling of mystery, magic, and an emotional response in the viewer. Through this imagery I invite the viewer to experience the unknown, surreal, otherworldly times of enchanted nature, rare creatures and fantastic architecture.

    Dorotea - Bagaric Contact Information

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      Dorotea - Bagaric
      freelance artist Flamedeus

      A G Matosa 4
      Nova Gradiska, Croatia 35400--

      Home Phone: 035 331-133
      Work Phone: 098 906 1347
      Fax: -


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    Created on: 07/30/2005
    Updated on: 01/04/2015

    Dorotea - Bagaric | Painting | International Artist Directory
    The Artists' Window Online unveils Nova Gradiska artist, Dorotea Bagaric, featuring fantasy, illustration painting.

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