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    Scott Condell 1950 New Hyde Park, NY, USA
    Painting -- 20th Century (Representational Expressionism)


Scott Condell My Art

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    A representational oil capturing the catastopic earth quake that struck Kobe, Janan in 1995

    In addition to Painting 20th Century Representational Expressionism artwork, Scott Condell also works in the following:
    Media: Mixed Media
    Styles: Misc.

Scott Condell Statement

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      s. Condell, A New York "Outsider" Fine Arts Painter and Sculptor, started his career in 1977 creating monumental stone sculptures in the Public Arts Forum. He is a Creator of Representational Oils on Canvas and Stone Sculptures meant to capture a glimpse of the beauty and pain of the human condition.

    Scott Condell Contact Information

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      Scott Condell
      Condell Fine Arts Studio

      81-11 Langdale St.
      New Hyde Park, Ny, US 11040-11040

      Home Phone: 718 347 8055
      Work Phone: 718 347 8055


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    Created on: 04/08/2001
    Updated on: 01/08/2004

    Scott Condell | Painting | International Artist Directory
    The Artists' Window Online unveils New Hyde Park, New York artist, Scott Condell, featuring 20th century, representational expressionism painting.

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