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What You Lookin' At?: artwork by Celeste Gillis

    Celeste Gillis Toronto, Canada
    Drawing -- Portraiture (Realism)


Celeste Gillis My Art

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    Gaze into the mind of Canadian artist Celeste Gillis.

    In addition to Drawing Portraiture Realism artwork, Celeste Gillis also works in the following:
    Media: Charcoal
    Genres: Western

Celeste Gillis Statement

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      I'm a young, emerging artist from Toronto, Canada,currently studying fine arts in university. I specialize in charcoal portraits, digital art, and photography. I also have an online business drawing charcoal portraits for clients all over the world. My message to fellow artists is "keep your eyes open, and your head in the clouds". This message is especially directed towards my first grade teacher who sent me to a phycologist, optomitrist, and other doctors, because I spent so much time daydreaming.

    Celeste Gillis Contact Information

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    Art West Studio
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    Created on: 03/02/2000
    Updated on: 02/14/2006

    Celeste Gillis | Drawing | International Artist Directory
    The Artists' Window Online unveils Toronto, Canada artist, Celeste Gillis, featuring portraiture, realism drawing.

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