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Multi media fine artist

    Deni J Evans 1964 Weston, MO, USA
    Digital Painting -- Landscape (Representational)


Deni J Evans My Art

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    Nature as a metaphor to express internal landscapes of dreams.

Deni J Evans Statement

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      London born multi media fine artist, deni evans' recent works are inspired by the landscapes of the MidWest where she moved in 1997. Using her own digital photography and Adobe software, she is able to contruct from several different images, one image, which is her personal expression of the internal landscapes of dreams, and their sometimes illusive meaning.

      Other recent works include boats forsaken in the desert, constructed from the artists photographs of the beaches of Wales and the deserts of California.

    Deni J Evans Contact Information

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      deni j evans
      deni evans

      P.O. Box 69
      Weston, Mo, US 64098

      Home Phone: 816 640 5540
      Work Phone: 816 640 5540
      Fax: 816 640 5310


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    Created on: 11/17/1999
    Updated on: 01/06/2004

    Deni J Evans | Digital Painting | International Artist Directory
    The Artists' Window Online unveils Weston, Missouri artist, Deni Evans, featuring landscape, representational digital painting.

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