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    Michael P Farmer 1977-unknown Tempe, AZ, USA
    Photography -- Landscape (Surrealism)


Michael P Farmer My Art

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    It's not about where you start - it's about where you end up.

    In addition to Photography Landscape Surrealism artwork, Michael P Farmer also works in the following:
    Genres: South Western
    Styles: Misc.

Michael P Farmer Statement

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      Unusual landscape photography of the great American Southwest acheived by use of colored filters. Grand Canyon, Zion Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Sedona, AZ and Southern UT. Unlike most landscape photos you've seen. PLUS original oil paintings available as giclee prints SURREALIST and ABSTRACT along the lines of Dali and Escher. VERY REASONABLY PRICED, and all prints come in a VARIETY OF SIZES - pick which is best for you.

    Michael P Farmer Contact Information

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      Michael P Farmer
      Blazing Heart Galleries

      3333 S. Ventura Dr.
      Tempe, Az, US 85282

      Home Phone: 480-966-7525
      Work Phone: 480-966-7525
      Fax: 480-966-7525

      Website: www.blazingheart.net

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    Created on: 04/09/2005
    Updated on: 05/03/2005

    Michael P Farmer | Photography | International Artist Directory
    The Artists' Window Online unveils Tempe, Arizona artist, Michael Farmer, featuring landscape, surrealism photography.

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