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    Sylvain Chamberland 1957 Tupelo, MS, USA
    Multi-disciplinary -- Socio-political (Contemporary)


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    Polemic, alegory, philosophy, questions of evolution and intelectualism in contemporary life and future

Sylvain Chamberland Statement

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      Truly great visual art is about ideas;
      And about the investigation of visual language and the furthering of that language within current knowledge and events.
      My particular fascination is to disassemble Memetics in all forms. Though Memetics is widely discussed in terms of spoken or written language, I think it is even more powerful and damaging to the idea of an autonomous ?self? in visual or symbolic form, acting either as visual ?trigger? or in combination with the acknowledged spoken and /or written form as fully implemented ?truth?.
      As I see it, the soul does not live in the human body devoid of experience. The soul or life is evidenced through the content of that human life which in turn defines that human soul. Such is the case with the visual arts. Perhaps more to the point, a language that delights in the design of its characters alone, without any reference or meaning to ?describe? or ?define? or ?contain? anything other than itself is completely moot. And a language that cannot be spoken, or describe experience, serves no one.
      My ?content? is riddled with doubt, either through formal processes of the visual language or by juxtapositions to expose the fluid foundation of the memetics involved. The viewer is left to ?re-construct? reality with or without the use of the memetics, and to introduce their own experience to adjust or confront the memetic placebo.

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    Art West Studio
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    Created on: 08/02/2002
    Updated on: 09/27/2005

    Sylvain Chamberland | Multi-disciplinary | International Artist Directory
    The Artists' Window Online unveils Tupelo, Mississippi artist, Sylvain Chamberland, featuring socio-political, contemporary multi-disciplinary.

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