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    Dan C Dobson 1944 FL, USA
    Digital Art -- Mixed (Abstract Expressionism)


Dan C Dobson My Art

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    Traditional skills are not lost, they are amplified by digital processes.

Dan C Dobson Statement

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      Cross Creek artist Dan Dobson reveals many faces of digital art

      "Today's computers are ready to build digital fine art," Dan Dobson says. His mission is to bring digital art into focus for those who have not appreciated the possibilities.

      Dobson's digital artworks are arresting, bold and colorful adventures into the future of art. After working in traditional media for most of a lifetime, he has chosen digital art because the computer offers special creative tools that manipulate images in ways never before possible.

      "These tools give digital art a distinctive and exciting new look, and pose real challenges for artists. Digital artists do what artists have always done: Explore and adopt new technology to create personal imagery."
      Dobson says.

    Dan C Dobson Contact Information

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      Dan Dobson
      Dobson Arts

      14818 Se 183 Ave
      Cross Creek, Fl, US 32640

      Work Phone: 352 234 0004

      Website: dobsonarts.com

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    Created on: 11/08/2006
    Updated on: 01/29/2007

    Dan C Dobson | Digital Art | International Artist Directory
    The Artists' Window Online unveils Florida artist, Dan Dobson, featuring mixed, abstract expressionism digital art.

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