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Tom Cartmill - visual artist

    Tom Cartmill 1965 Reading, Uk
    Drawing -- Mixed (Abstract)


Tom Cartmill My Art

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    contemporary abstract paintings & drawings in a range of media

    In addition to Drawing Mixed Abstract artwork, Tom Cartmill also works in the following:
    Media: Black & White

Tom Cartmill Statement

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      My work deals with visual perception, in particular the idea that we can receive conflicting information from a given visual stimulus. I find the subjectivity of perception fascinating. The accretion of experiences, and memories of those experiences, modify and define how we interpret the world around us: The inevitable layering of one experience, memory upon another also effects how and what one sees.
      Change through time is also an ongoing concern in my practice. I am interested in the way buildings, objects, faces and bodies, for example, weather. These actions of 'wear and tear', give things a resonance that 'the new' lacks. I try to communicate this quality in my work.
      This has an connection to my interest in geology, and the ever changing landscape. Many of the motifs found in my paintings and drawings are distilled and abstracted from various forms and patterns encountered on regular walks in the countryside - the textures and striations found on tree bark and, in furrowed fields, the movement of water in a stream, for example.
      My work is also informed by my reading in anthropology, in particular on tribal societies and systems of belief, and an interest in sacred architecture and geometry, which has stemmed from an enthusiasm for Moorish culture, developed from living in Southern Spain for some years.

    Tom Cartmill Contact Information

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      Tom Cartmill
      Tom Cartmill

      Blue Door Studio
      The old fire Station, The Street, Mortimer

      Reading, , Other RG7 3PB

      Home Phone: 08453914499
      Work Phone: 08453914499


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    Created on: 04/17/2006
    Updated on: 04/17/2006

    Tom Cartmill | Drawing | International Artist Directory
    The Artists' Window Online unveils Reading, UK artist, Tom Cartmill, featuring mixed, abstract drawing.

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