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    Alessandra Chiappini Piacenza, Italy
    Mixed Media -- African (Contemporary)


Alessandra Chiappini My Art

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    Alessandra Chiappini was born in Piacenza in 1971, got a diploma in painting with full marks at the Fine Arts Academy of Brera (Milan).

Alessandra Chiappini Statement

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      The work of Alessandra Chiappini is often inspired to mythologic or antropologic archetypes and tries to evoocate them through compositions of many drawings or pieces of drawing reassembling and forming a solid unity. So the vegetable becomes animal and human in a stream of vitality

    Alessandra Chiappini Contact Information

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      Alessandra Chiappini
      Via Pubblico Passeggio 16/A
      Piacenza, , Other 29100

      Home Phone: 0039-0523-332050


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    Created on: 03/30/1999
    Updated on: 01/06/2004

    Alessandra Chiappini | Mixed Media | International Artist Directory
    The Artists' Window Online unveils Piacenza, Italy artist, Alessandra Chiappini, featuring african, contemporary mixed media.

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