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- A
Alridge, Michael
CLICK for Profile and Link

Australia, Sydney

Painting > > Expressionism

Created 11/05/1999
Updated 12/27/2014

Stupid Dogs Loft
Expressionistic and abstract works by emerging artist, Michael Alridge

Andreuccetti, Alessandro
CLICK for Profile and Link

Italy, San Gimignano

Acrylic Painting > Figure > Impressionism

Created 10/06/2015
Updated 10/15/2015

Andreuccetti Art
Watermedia artist

Apice, Michael
CLICK for Profile and Link

USA, New York, new york

Acrylic Painting > Fantasy > Photo Realism

Created 06/19/2013
Updated 01/04/2015

apice art
"The Nexxus Between Imagination and Reality"tm

Art, Uvi
CLICK for Profile and Link

USA, California, Irvine

Sculpture > > Classical

Created 05/30/2000
Updated 01/04/2015

Uvi Art Gallery: Sculpture, Watercolor, Painting
Uvi is a West Coast artist best known for the biblical theme in her sculptures.

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