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Dalessandro, David J
CLICK for Profile and Link

USA, New York, New York

Painting > Musical Instruments >

Created 10/11/1999
Updated 12/06/2014

J A Z Z M U S I C I A N S / paintings & drawings
Painting is color & line combining to create form, movement & space

Damien, Dogmael
CLICK for Profile and Link

france, Paris

Painting > Fantasy > Surrealism

Created 07/12/2000
Updated 01/06/2004

Dogmaël DAMIEN Art Spot
Dogmaël DAMIEN the Artist who paints his dreams and nightmares

Danko, Patricia Jane St. John
CLICK for Profile and Link

USA, Texas, Houston

Painting > Spiritual > Symbolism

Created 10/07/1999
Updated 01/07/2004

Artwork - Patricia Jane St. John Danko
Patricia Jane St. John Danko is a visual artist who creates paintings,drawings, sculpture, and masks, as well as original prints in serigraphy

Dayleemojoarts, Melinda Dalke
CLICK for Profile and Link

USA, Oregon, Salem

Painting > Mixed > Folk Art

Created 02/16/2005
Updated 03/19/2005

Day-Lee Mojo Arts
Northwest artist-watercolor and acrylic originals

De Castro, Bj.
CLICK for Profile and Link

USA, California, Simi Valley

Painting > Mixed > Realism

Created 04/07/2004
Updated 02/10/2006

The Classical Realism Paintings of Bj. de Castro
"Success follows your passion, so brave your life a smile".....bj.

De La Barra, Jose Luis
CLICK for Profile and Link

PERU, Lima

Oil Painting > Figure > Surrealism

Created 07/14/2006
Updated 07/14/2006


De Peuter, Kobe
CLICK for Profile and Link

Belgium, Leuven

Painting > Portraiture > Abstract

Created 11/17/2003
Updated 06/08/2011

Art about development, interactivity, evolution and life in a unique ans special, personal style

Decker, Scarlett
CLICK for Profile and Link

USA, Arizona, San Manuel

Oil Painting > Narrative > Reconstructionist

Created 04/30/2000
Updated 01/07/2004

Contemporary Visual Artist. Paintings, mixed-media, assemblage.

Deery, Colleen
CLICK for Profile and Link

USA, California, San Bernardino

Digital Art > > Abstract

Created 06/24/2000
Updated 01/06/2004

Visions Of Beauty
Beautiful and unique digital abstract art, which is rich in form, depth, and color.

Defa, Douglas C
CLICK for Profile and Link

USA, Tennessee, Clarksville

Mixed Media > Fantasy > Representational / Misc.

Created 12/03/1998
Updated 06/25/2007

DEFA'S Fantasy Art Page
Mystical and fantasy art.

Delew, Don
CLICK for Profile and Link

USA, California, Long Beach

Watercolor > Mixed > Realism

Created 05/15/1999
Updated 02/24/2008

DeLew Fine Art
Vivid and stunning watercolor and acrylic paintings of landscapes, florals and animals

Deloach, Philip G
CLICK for Profile and Link

USA, North Carolina, LowGap

Mixed Media > African > Surrealism

Created 03/26/1999
Updated 01/07/2004

Picture This...
Past Present Inner Outer, you decide...

Derrick, Christine
CLICK for Profile and Link

U.K, Bristol

Painting > Mixed > Representational

Created 10/13/2002
Updated 01/06/2004

Florals and Landscapes by Christine Derrick
Colourful flowers, strong and soft, bold and gentle.

Dewalt, Jaeda R.
CLICK for Profile and Link

USA, Washington, Seattle

Photography > Erotica > Surrealism

Created 05/13/1999
Updated 09/29/2005

DEWALT Gallery
Sensually haunting fine art/figure photography laced with poetry, including Jaeda's self portrait series.

Diodati, Lucio
CLICK for Profile and Link


Oil Painting > Figure > Expressionism

Created 01/23/2007
Updated 12/23/2008

The human landscapes of Lucio Diodati
simply a witness of innocent human events.

Djimmé, Ahni
CLICK for Profile and Link


Painting > Mixed > Illustration

Created 08/22/1999
Updated 12/11/2014

AHNI Paintings
Paintings,illustration,murals,drawings,computer arts by a french artist.

Dobson, Dan C
CLICK for Profile and Link

USA, Florida

Digital Art > Mixed > Abstract Expressionism

Created 11/08/2006
Updated 01/29/2007

Digital Explorations
Traditional skills are not lost, they are amplified by digital processes.

Doering, Robert A.
CLICK for Profile and Link

USA, West Virginia, princeton

Watercolor > Fantasy > Surrealism

Created 06/21/2006
Updated 06/21/2006

From the Mind of an Artist
From the mind of an artist comes a surreal journey,,,welcome and enjoy.

Doll, Curtis R
CLICK for Profile and Link

USA, Pennsylvania, Hanover

Printmaking > Visionary > Symbolism

Created 11/14/2004
Updated 02/19/2009

The ultimate goal of my work is to express universal principals through metaphysical symbolism.

Drake, Michael D
CLICK for Profile and Link


Oil Painting > 20th Century > American Baroque

Created 11/27/1999
Updated 01/07/2004

American Baroue a didactic view point

Duschanek Morrison, Phyllis
CLICK for Profile and Link

USA, Nebraska, Omaha

Mixed Media > Visionary > Representational

Created 01/14/1999
Updated 10/30/2004

Man's Frailty
Works in a variety of mediums with strong spiritual overtones and very personal subject rendering.

Dynan, Phil
CLICK for Profile and Link

USA, California, Sacramento

Printmaking > 20th Century > Contemporary

Created 05/28/1999
Updated 06/06/2007

Original Art & Serigraphy
Original art , serigraphy and artists books

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