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Hair, Shawn
CLICK for Profile and Link

USA, Hawaii, Hilo

Oil Painting > Utopic > Impressionism

Created 02/26/2000
Updated 01/07/2004

Shawn Hair Fine Art
Colorful impressionist paintings

Haley, Michael
CLICK for Profile and Link


Acrylic Painting >

Created 04/25/1999
Updated 03/10/2008

A Small Catalogue of Original Art Work by Michael Haley

Hammond, Michelle
CLICK for Profile and Link

USA, Oklahoma, Oologah

Oil Painting > Landscape > Representational Expressionism

Created 02/23/2000
Updated 01/07/2004

Michelle Hammond
Ethereal landscapes inspired by the artist's dreams and visions.

Hanes, Bill
CLICK for Profile and Link

USA, California, S.B.

Oil Painting > Seascape > Realism

Created 03/01/2000
Updated 03/17/2006

Beach Visions Seascapes
Beach Visions Seascapes

Hartwell, Eleanor P
CLICK for Profile and Link

USA, New Hampshire, Wilmot

Mixed Media > Equine > Illustration

Created 08/26/1999
Updated 01/07/2004

Amazon Art
Horses Hounds Hunting, Carved and painted ostrich eggs, woven horsehair baskets, logog, illustrations

Harvey, David John
CLICK for Profile and Link

UK, Christchurch

Watercolor > Seascape

Created 10/25/2002
Updated 01/06/2004

Priory Art Gallery
Original English Watercolors - Prints and Pictures

Harvey, Jv
CLICK for Profile and Link

USA, California, Studio City

Acrylic Painting > Visionary > Expressionism

Created 08/20/2001
Updated 01/07/2004

JV Harvey at Colveyco
Mystical essence of multidimensional thought, concept and layers of imagery, deeply rooted in the soul.

Hattaway, Beverly J.
CLICK for Profile and Link

USA, Idaho, Malad City

> Symbolism

Created 09/14/2004
Updated 09/14/2004

Sister Simpatico Gallery of Arts
Moody lack of detail in back grounds leans works towards minimalistic view of life.

Hazelip, Kay
CLICK for Profile and Link

USA, New York, New York City

Pencil > Life Drawing > Post Modernism

Created 01/09/2015
Updated 01/11/2015

The Michaelangelo of the 20th Century
History's only woman to study, model and teach at the Art Student's League NYC

Heintz, Michael H
CLICK for Profile and Link

USA, Arizona, Tucson

Drawing > > Illustration

Created 01/10/2007
Updated 01/23/2007

Soapbox and Shoebox Galleries
animal and editorial art

Henderson, Nathan J
CLICK for Profile and Link

USA, Florida, St.Augustine

Drawing > Occult > Neo-realism

Created 10/05/1999
Updated 01/07/2004

Menglef inc.[harsh nerves]
Art Biotech Holocaust

Hendrix, Hendrix Dianne
CLICK for Profile and Link

USA, Alaska, Anchorage

Photography > Wildlife > Realism

Created 06/12/2006
Updated 01/29/2007

Art Gallery Alaska
Alaskan Art by Alaskan Artist Dianne Roberson Hendrix

Herranz, Marcelino J
CLICK for Profile and Link

Spain, Barcelona

Oil Painting >

Created 03/28/1999
Updated 01/07/2004

oil painting marcelino herranz
oil on canvas

Hildebrand, Jock
CLICK for Profile and Link

USA, New York, NY

Sculpture > Political > Allegory

Created 10/27/1999
Updated 01/07/2004

The Extraordinary Environmental Sculpture of Jock Hildebrand
An examination of the environment is explored in these extraordinary bronze sculptures by artist Jock Hildebrand

Hochhatler, Theresa A.
CLICK for Profile and Link

USA, Colorado, Grand Junction

Painting > > Contemporary

Created 09/14/2004
Updated 12/04/2014

Sister Simpatico Gallery of Arts
A unique look into the mind and heart of creativity.

Hoglund, Kris
CLICK for Profile and Link

USA, Washington, Seattle

Acrylic Painting > Allegory > Surrealism

Created 09/02/1999
Updated 01/07/2004

Surreal Pop Art by KHOG
Surreal Pop Art from Seattle

Holbrecht, Paul S.P.
CLICK for Profile and Link

Belgium (Europe), Zottegem

Sculpture > Allegory > Neo-Primitivism

Created 08/26/2007
Updated 08/26/2007

Sculptures Paul Holbrecht
Creating unique and original sculptures in stone and other materials.

Holst, Vladi
CLICK for Profile and Link

UK, London

Oil Painting > Allegory > Realism

Created 12/14/1998
Updated 03/11/2004

The Art of Vladi Holst
Mystery and secrets of Indian Gods, intricate philosophy behind each painting, Swedish landscapes, nude sketches, animation, multimedia and web design

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