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Cabello, Jose Javier
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Spain, Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Canary Islands)

Acrylic Painting > Landscape > Representational

Created 05/22/2000
Updated 09/07/2005

Jose Javier Cabello Acrylics on canvas
Jose Javier Cabello┤s acrylics on canvas

Callander, Ros
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UK, Montrose

Painting > Seascape > Contemporary

Created 04/08/2007
Updated 04/25/2007

Sunset paintings by Ros Callander
Affordable British Art by Ros C - sunset, landscape and seascape paintings

Cam§es, Maria JosÚ
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Portugal, Almada

Painting > African > Abstract

Created 03/17/2002
Updated 03/17/2006


Campbell, Brett
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Australia, Flaxton

Mosaic > Arts & Crafts > Naive

Created 12/11/2004
Updated 12/11/2004

Brett Campbell Mosaics
Australian artists online gallery and portfolio. Mosaics for indoor and outdoor conditions. Commissions available worldwide.

Cartmill, Tom
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UK, Reading

Drawing > Mixed > Abstract

Created 04/17/2006
Updated 04/17/2006

Tom Cartmill - visual artist
contemporary abstract paintings & drawings in a range of media

Caruso, Milo
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USA, Massachusetts, Cape Cod

Oil Painting > Figure > Surrealism

Created 04/06/1999
Updated 06/13/2006

Milo Caruso - On line Portfolio
A collection of surrealistic figural abstractions.

Chamberland, Sylvain
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USA, Mississippi, Tupelo

Multi-disciplinary > Socio-political > Contemporary

Created 08/02/2002
Updated 09/27/2005

Sylvain Portfolio Site
Polemic, alegory, philosophy, questions of evolution and intelectualism in contemporary life and future

Chenoweth, Jacquelin G
CLICK for Profile and Link

USA, Virginia, Virginia Beach

Painting > > Naive

Created 01/13/2000
Updated 12/27/2014

Caribbean Theme
Bold colorfull Caribbean Themes

Chiappini, Alessandra
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Italy, Piacenza

Mixed Media > African > Contemporary

Created 03/30/1999
Updated 01/06/2004

Alessandra Chiappini, personal web gallery
Alessandra Chiappini was born in Piacenza in 1971, got a diploma in painting with full marks at the Fine Arts Academy of Brera (Milan).

Christ, Colin F.
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Jamaica/Austria, Kingston/Vienna

Painting > Mixed > Expressionism

Created 11/05/1999
Updated 01/06/2004

Colin F. fine art from Jamaica
Exciting new art from the Caribbean

Clancy, Brendan
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USA, New York, New York City

Painting > Figure

Created 04/22/2000
Updated 04/28/2004

Fine Art form Hornetnest Studios
This is a very peaceful work made with acrylic paint on plywood.

Clark, Sheila D.
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USA, Illinois, Champaign

Watercolor > Portraiture > Realism

Created 09/15/1999
Updated 04/12/2005

Sheila Clark Watercolor Portraits and Florals
Bright, realistic, life-like watercolor florals and portraits of people, homes, pets.

Clickner, Mark
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USA, Arizona, Buckeye

Computer Art > Fantasy > Surrealism

Created 07/09/1999
Updated 07/22/2005

Limited Edition Prints: The New Eden Collection of Surrealism
Featuring the surreal artwork of Mark Clickner.

Coffill, Frances
CLICK for Profile and Link

Canada, Markham

Computer Art > Landscape > Surrealism

Created 10/05/1999
Updated 01/07/2004


Coman, Philip
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Canada, Brampton

Photography > Landscape > Contemporary

Created 09/16/2000
Updated 01/07/2004

Landscape Photography by Philip Coman
Landscape images by award winning photographer Philip Coman

Condell, Scott
CLICK for Profile and Link

USA, New York, New Hyde Park

Painting > 20th Century > Representational Expressionism

Created 04/08/2001
Updated 01/08/2004

The Fine Arts Painting and Sculpture Studio of Scott Condell
A representational oil capturing the catastopic earth quake that struck Kobe, Janan in 1995

Cooper, Jackie
CLICK for Profile and Link

USA, Georgia, Mableton

> Portraiture > Realism

Created 08/03/2003
Updated 01/25/2015

Jackie's Pencil Portraits
Pencil portraits from photographs - The gift for the hard-to-please

Corless, Donna
CLICK for Profile and Link

USA, Alabama, Auburn

Watercolor > Architecture > Realism

Created 10/21/2003
Updated 01/06/2004

Donna Corless - Photos and Art
Digital watercolors of architecture, floral, beaches, tropical places Donna Corless travels and creates giclee art prints.

Couillard, Louise
CLICK for Profile and Link

Canada, Montreal

Mixed Media > Apocalyptic > Abstract

Created 06/17/1999
Updated 07/17/2006

Carnal Chaos
? Carnal Chaos ? where painfull emotions take over human life....

Coulas, Jerome T.
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Canada, Apsley

Acrylic Painting > Nature > Naive

Created 12/27/1999
Updated 02/01/2009

J.T. Coulas Online Gallery
Playful, reflective paintings of the natural world.

Couzin, Gradiva
CLICK for Profile and Link

USA, California, San Francisco

Oil Painting > Portraiture > Representational

Created 08/11/1999
Updated 04/19/2010

Oil Portraits Painted with Love - San Francisco
portraits in the tradition of the old masters

Cox, Thomas
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USA, California, Woodland Hills

Printmaking > > Representational / Misc.

Created 11/21/1999
Updated 01/07/2004

So CA printmaker
Prolific Printmaker - Monoprints, Serigraphs, Woodcuts, Etchings

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